West End Today is the soon-be-launched companion site to the Alhambra’s website and will offer access to information on the amazing activities happening in the West End.

The Community Exchange
The Exchange at is a growing community business centred around its cafe and workshops in Morecambe’s West End that act to improve creative facilities and opportunities for everyone. They’re working hard to see the people of the West End and surrounding areas recognised for their skills, talents and kindness which have long been underappreciated. The Exchange believes that the arts and creative activity can bring people together with a wide range of positive benefits. The Exchange Creative Community is at 13 West Street, Morecambe LA3 1RB.

Regent Park
Facebook: regentparkmorecambe – Situated half a mile from the promenade in the West End of Morecambe on Regent Road, the park has received a huge boost by the park’s volunteer group.

Alexandra Square
Facebook: Friends of Alexandra Square
– the residents’ group to catalyse the maintenance and public use of Alexandra Square, West Street, Morecambe, situated three blocks down from the Promenade.